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Frequently Asked Questions and Troubleshooting

Frequently asked questions

How do I assemble my kit ?

You can find an assembly video here

What mags can I put in there ?

Usually, every TM compatible low mid and high capacity MP5 mags fit : CYMA short mags, TM, Matrix, H&K…

What kind of power can I get out of it ?

Due the space limitations, the air chamber is smaller than on the original mags so you will get lower FPS for the same PSI as a regular HPA tapped mag. It does not mean that the consumption is higher if you want to get the same power output as before, just that you will need more pressure. In particular, the system has a high joule creep effect, which means the heavier the bb, the more power you are gonna get. For instance, 110 PSI with a 0.36g BB will get you 1.5 J. Some even have got their kit to shoot more than 2.5J using heavy bbs and a long barrel.

What if I happen to break a part ?

You can always find replacements on our Shapeways store, and even more ! You can get stainless steel mag releases and even colorful parts… ;)

How can I get a higher power output ?

There are 3 things that you power output depends on:

  • The barrel : the longer and the tighter it is, the more power you’ll have
  • The BB weight : joule creep is strong with the adapter. Many airsoft players wrongfully measure the power using FPS at 0.2g, when for the same pressure, just changing the BB weight can end up in an 1J increase for their power output.
  • The integrity of your gun. Sometimes, people lose power because their gun isn’t functionning properly. For instance, using a tight hopup bucking will end up in more friction during the firing part and a loss of power.

Do I need to modify anything on my gun ?

Nope ! The kit just inserts like a stock mag would and sits there, between your gun and your affordable MP5 magazines ;) However, some have made modifications to route the air line down to their grip !

What else do I need ?

You can savage the mag gasket and the percussion valve from one of your stock mags. Aprt from that, you will only need an air rig (tank + regualtor + line).

Any standard 3500 PSI air tank will do the job. As for the regulator, we particularly recommend using the Balystik HPR800C V3 regulator ;)


The gun won’t cycle

Usually this happens when there isn’t enough pressure in the system. Just set your regulator for a higher output. Remember : it is normal that you need more pressure for this system.

The mags are misfeeding

Two things can cause this :

  • Dirt in the feeding tube : make sure you wash this parts to eliminate all 3D printing powder.
  • Cheap BB’s : the choice of BB is crucial to any demanding airsoft player. Some BB’s may seem fine on first day, but they can swell with humidity, thus getting stuck in the feeding tube.

The system seems to be leaking

There are 4 possible ways your system could be leaking:

  • Side screw hasn’t been tightened enough. This is unlikely, as this screw has an integrated seal.
  • The 6mm line connector isn’t tighten enough. Same as above, it does have a tiny integrated seal to prevent such a thing. However, it could be that your 6mm line isn’t installed all the way in. Make sure the line is cut properly and isn’t damaged.
  • The percussion valve isn’t properly tightened or its seals have not been lubed enough.

I have lost power

  • The magazine gasket rubber may be ripped apart.
  • Your gun may need lubricant.
  • Your gun may have too many mechanical constraints (too tight bucking).