HPA Mag Adapter V2 for KC02
made by TanukiWorks



Accuracy / consistency of HPA
Affordable AEG Mags
Sensations of GBBRs
Realistic reloads

What is it ?

This drop-in kit allows you to use MP5 AEG Magazines with HPA in the KC02 (know to be the most accurate GBBR!) without any modification required !

Keep the sensations of GBBR's, feel the performance of HPA, and enjoy the simplicity of AEG-like reloads.

Things to know

  • From the moment you want to carry more than 120 BB's per game, it is cheaper to get a drop-in kit and 2 mid-cap MP5 mags (worth $6 each) than to HPA-tap 3 stock KC02 mags at $35 each
  • Due to lack of space in the receiver, the air chamber is smaller which means more air has to travel through the air line, thus you will need more PSI to get your usual power output. Check out the builds of the community who already got their drop-in kits for more info on that !
  • I cannot guarantee the full compatibility with the TopHatRunner 3D printed HopUp chamber as it makes the nozzle really tight in the hop rubber
  • The way it works is quite simple. The drop-in kit acts as a magwell which firmly sits in the receiver with the air line connected to it. That allows you to reload like a normal AEG without having to deal with your line.
  • The kit uses high quality industrial connector parts with integrated o-rings for a perfect seal.

What you get

  • Drop-in kit composed of high precision SLS 3D printed and CNC aluminum 7075 parts
  • Various pins and springs
  • Short 6mm line with the adapter to connect it to the kit
  • Two plastic valve keys

What you need

  • A connector to plug your line into the tube
  • A mag valve and gasket (you can scavenge them from your stock mag, see video, or find spare ones on the web)
  • MP5 AEG mags (the best looking ones are Cyma metal 65rds $6 short magazines)
  • Basic assembling tools (light hammer and allen keys)
  • Check out the assembly video here : TanukiWorks HPA Kit Assembly Video

?Final note !

This one is the V2 kit. The V1 kits have been overwhelmingly well received among the community, and some little improvements were made according to their advice. More specifically, a plug has changed, requires less strength to get a perfect seal, as well as some dimensions changed by 0.1mm for some mags to fit better. It also comes with the 6mm tube, wheareas the V1 had a 4mm tube ;)

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