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HPA MP5 Mag Adapter V5 for KC02
Brand: TanukiWorks Model: HPA MP5 Mag Adapter V5 for KC02
This drop-in kit allows you to use MP5 AEG Magazines with HPA in the KJW KC02 (also works on the ASG Special Teams Carbine), without any modification required ! Keep the sensations of GBBR's, feel the performance of HPA, and enjoy the simplicity of AEG-like reloads on the most accurate GBBR th..
Brand: Balystik Model: HPA Secure Connector
This is our choice for the best connector. With this connector, you can plug your HPA kit in you regulator line without risking detaching the tubing like it can happen with push-in connectors.To install the tubing, push it in the connector and then screw the security ring over it. It is much ..
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