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HPA KC02 MP5 Mag Adapter Kit V5 development

So what happened between the V3 and the V5 ? Why did it take so much time ?

Well, there are many reasons that it took so long ! The first being that Tanukiworks is not my primary job, and during that time, a lot of changes to my personal situation occurred, including finishing my studies and starting a new job.

I had designed and got some prototypes for the V4 made (which took forever), but ultimately I did not like them. They worked great for stock KC02s, but had incompatibilities with RogueWorx parts. I could have sold V4 units with a warning about it, sure, but I truly wanted to keep pushing for the perfect HPA adapter, one that would work flawlessly with RW parts. So I got back to the drawing table, but that's not all.

Ordering CNC prototypes is expensive. Like really expensive. And it can take a lot of time. I did not want to waste so much money in prototypes only to receive them and notice what I wanted to adjust before re-ordering them, so I built a CNC machine and taught myself how to use it. It's an entry level machine, so it took quite a lot of trial and error to get it to machine aluminum as well as I needed it to. Also, it's lack of rigidity meant that it could only do what I wanted extremely slowly.

A lot of prototypes, different designs and broken milling bits later, I finally got to a point where I was satisfied with this V5. I essentially redesigned the kit from the ground up to have the maximum internal air chamber volume possible while keeping the design very low profile. Easier said than done though, there are many geometric constraints, and it always seemed like every idea I had would turn out to be impossible because of this or that dimension.

But in the end, it worked out. I can now relax a bit (at least until I'm crawling under loads of parcels to prepare) and I'll finally be able to come back to some other projects that are already well under way !

I want to thank the guys over at RogueWorx as well as Project for helping me out when I needed some advice !

If you tried to contact me regarding the V4 or V5 kit and did not get an answer, I am sorry about that. I really got tons of emails and couldn't reply to everyone, hope that's okay !

The V5 is available for preorder here.