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HPA MP5 Mag Adapter V6 Kit for KC02/SSQ22

HPA MP5 Mag Adapter V6 Kit for KC02/SSQ22

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This drop-in kit allows you to use MP5 AEG Magazines with HPA without any modification required for the following Airsoft replicas :

  • KJW KC02 (v1 and v2)
  • Novritsch SSQ22
  • ASG Special Teams Carbine

Keep the sensations of GBBR's, feel the performance of HPA, and enjoy the simplicity of AEG-like reloads on the most accurate GBBRs out there.

This is a kit, some assembly is required (under 10 minutes). Check out the assembly video!

Is it compatible with my Rogueworx parts ?

Yes !  It is, thanks to this version's huuuge internal air chamber. It has taken a lot of designs and prototypes to find the perfect match between an elegant design and a maximized air chamber capacity, which is only possible with the kit being fully made out of 7075 Aluminum.

TanukiWorks and RogueWorx work closely to maintain compatibility between parts.

What kind of power can I get ?

With this V6 of the kit, you get the same power output as you would with HPA-tapped magasines ! Here are some measurements with pressures from 90 to 120 PSI for both a Rogueworx upgraded KC02, and a stock one.

Power test with RogueWorx Gen kit red restrictor

Power test with RogueWorx Gen kit blue restrictor

Power test with RogueWorx Gen kit green restrictor

Power test with stock KC02

What difference with the previous versions?

The V5 was already a great performer, but the V6 brings a few improvements:

  • It is a tad shorter for the same air chamber volume. It was already quite flush with the KC02's body, but now it is even more!
  • The magwell can now receive a wider variety of MP5 AEG mag brands.
  • The mag release has been redesigned to be prettier and to have a stronger grip on the mags.

V5 and V6 comparison

How do I assemble the kit?

Check out the assembly video!

What do I need to make it work?

  • An air tank
  • An air tank pressure regulator
  • An HPA line to connect the regulator to the kit
  • A KC02 / SSQ22 stock magazine for the valve and rubber gasket (easy to extract, as shown in the assembly video)
  • AEG MP5 mags

What brands of AEG MP5 mags work in there?

This table should be updated with feedback from the community.

You can copy-paste the brand and reference in your favorite search engine to find a supplier (if the mag is known to fit, of course).

 Brand Reference Capacity Works?
Cyma C73 65 yes (best one)
Cyma C37
560 yes
FBP4042 130
FBP4088 120
BattleAxe FBP1672 70 no
Pirate Arms 4986 120 yes
G&G G-08-030 200 no

Community's choice for 7 years

Now in it's 6th iteration, the TanukiWorks kit has been the go-to for HPA on the KC02 for seven years. If you'd like to know why, feel free to join the KC02 Owners' Discord server!

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Incredibly designed, there is not a single better adapter out on the market for the KC02 and the fitment and quality you get from this is incredible.




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Light & compact
It's well made
The store's service is very good!

Robinson Tièche
Fit well, shoot great

Got no problem for the installation, try to shoot as fast as I can and the feed/consistancy is super !